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About A Boy by Nick Honrby

PostPosted: October 18th, 2011, 12:57 pm
by aboutaboynamedjess
Since I subscribed to ReadPhilippines just this hour and since Nick Hornby’s About A Boy is the last book I've read, I might as well paste my thoughts on the novel which I posted in Facebook just last Sunday. Here it goes:

Nick Hornby's About A Boy is a watershed of comedy, gentleness and promise. It is one of the most charming, inspiring and just simply beautiful novels I’ve read during the last five years or so. The characters are engaging and there is not a single tired page in this novel. Each chapter is filled to the brim with wit and sharp observations on people and their delightful madness, characters that are supposedly complex but actually have very down to earth needs, and situations infused with craziness and pathos. The turning points in the novel are juxtaposed with the rise of Kurt Cobain and the grunge sound and this is something that I could certainly relate to since I was born around the tail end of generation X and grunge and alternative music were the soundtracks of my careless youth. A few years from now, I will re-read my hardbound copy of About A Boy, perhaps my feeling to this novel will be different because I will somehow be a different person by then- hopefully I am a better version of myself now and I would appreciate this novel all the more.