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Agatha Christie's Poirot

PostPosted: September 1st, 2011, 10:45 am
by Wanda
Being the murder mystery buff that I am, I am so thrilled at having discovered Agatha Christie's Poirot murder mystery TV series, starring David Suchet! The series started in 1989 and today after 65 episodes, it is still running! David Suchet makes a great Poirot!!! he's really made the character! He said he will complete ALL of Agatha Christie's works daw.
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Here's the complete episode list! haha! Please let me know if anyone likes this too! :-D


Season 1 Episode 1 : The Adventure of the Clapham Cook
The dapper Belgian detective, who usually only accepts cases of national importance, bends his rules for once and finds himself in run-down Clapham. He investigates the disappearance of a local cook and becomes intrigued by the contents of the woman's trunk. David Suchet stars, alongside Hugh Fraser and Brigit Forsyth

Season 1 Episode 2 : Murder in the Mews
A woman's body is discovered in Captain Hastings' garage on Bonfire Night. It transpires that the deceased was due to marry an MP - and although the evidence suggests suicide, the Belgian detective suspects foul play. David Suchet, Hugh Fraser and Philip Jackson star

Season 1 Episode 3 : The Adventure of Johnnie Waverly
English country squire Marcus Waverly receives a series of anonymous letters threatening to kidnap his son Johnnie, but the case is dismissed by Scotland Yard - prompting Poirot to open his own investigation. Drama, starring David Suchet and Geoffrey Bateman

Season 1 Episode 4 : Four and Twenty Blackbirds
The Belgian detective begins to suspect something is amiss when he visits one of his favoured haunts in London for dinner and discovers a fellow regular has dramatically changed his diet. Down in Brighton, elderly Anthony Gascoigne lies dying while his estranged twin brother Henry falls to his death - but nobody is sure whether the man was deliberately pushed. Bizarrely, the key to the riddle seems to lie in a blackberry pie. David Suchet stars in the title role, with Philip Jackson, Hugh Fraser and Pauline Moran. Last in the series

Season 1 Episode 5 : The Third Floor Flat
After enjoying a trip to the theatre with Captain Hastings, the detective is disturbed by the sound of gunshots in an apartment at Whitehaven Mansions, and soon finds himself investigating a murder. Drama, starring David Suchet, Hugh Fraser and Philip Jackson

Season 1 Episode 6 : Triangle at Rhodes
The Belgian sleuth takes a break on the island of Rhodes, where an English beauty draws attention by flirting with fellow guests at the Palace Hotel. When she is found murdered, her husband is immediately suspected, but Poirot quickly deduces there is more to the case than a simple crime of passion. Whodunit, starring David Suchet

Season 1 Episode 7 : Problem at Sea
The Belgian detective's curiosity is aroused by the passengers on board a luxury cruise ship bound for Egypt - particularly a woman who appears inordinately offensive to her fellow travellers. When the vessel arrives at Alexandria, the irritating lady's body is discovered in her cabin - leaving the sleuth with a host of possible suspects to interrogate. David Suchet stars

Season 1 Episode 8 : The Incredible Theft
Aircraft manufacturer Lord Mayfield hosts a party to trap a woman suspected of being a spy for the Germans. Fearing that events might not go according to plan, Lady Mayfield is forced to summon the famous Belgian detective to keep an eye on proceedings. David Suchet and Hugh Fraser star

Season 1 Episode 9 : The King of Clubs
A starlet engaged to marry a foreign prince becomes the police's number one suspect in the murder of a shady producer. Desperate to ensure she escapes prosecution, her wealthy fiance asks Poirot to catch the real killer. Unfortunately, the celebrated detective ends up concluding she has lied - or is an accomplice. David Suchet stars, with Niamh Cusack and Jack Klaff

Season 1 Episode 10 : The Dream
A well-known eccentric contacts the Belgian sleuth when he is haunted by suicidal nightmares. However, he fails to follow Poirot's advice, and is found dead soon afterwards. Drama, starring David Suchet, with Joely Richardson and Mary Tamm. Last in the series

Season 2 Episode 2 : The Veiled Lady
The Belgian detective is summoned to a hotel by a mysterious veiled lady who tells him that her forthcoming marriage is under threat because she is being blackmailed over a love letter. Drama, starring David Suchet and Frances Barber

Season 2 Episode 3 : The Lost Mine
The Belgian sleuth is asked by Lord Pearson to investigate the disappearance of one of his most valued customers, who had been planning to sell the bank chairman a map showing where to find a long-lost silver mine. David Suchet stars

Season 2 Episode 4 : The Cornish Mystery
A woman calls for Poirot's help when she believes her dentist husband is planning to poison her because he has fallen in love with his young assistant. Drama, starring David Suchet

Season 2 Episode 5 : The Disappearance of Mr Davenheim
A wealthy banker goes missing while walking from his country house to the village post office. Poirot, who has acquired a parrot and developed a taste for conjuring tricks, bets the baffled Inspector Japp £5 he can solve the mystery without leaving his own apartment. David Suchet stars

Season 2 Episode 6 : Double Sin
The Belgian sleuth contemplates retiring while on a trip to the Lake District, but shelves his plans when Hastings meets a woman whose collection of valuable miniatures has been stolen. David Suchet stars

Season 2 Episode 7 : The Adventure of the Cheap Flat
An FBI agent crosses swords with Poirot while trying to retrieve the American Navy's top-secret plans for a new submarine, which have been stolen by a glamorous nightclub singer with a sideline in espionage. Drama, starring David Suchet

Season 2 Episode 8 : The Kidnapped Prime Minister
The Belgian sleuth is called in to investigate the kidnapping of the prime minister and his secretary. However, because of the international situation, he has only a day and a half to solve the case. Drama, starring David Suchet

Season 2 Episode 9 : The Adventure of the Western Star
A Belgian film star arrives in London and summons her friend Poirot to unravel the mysterious threats she has been receiving, which demand the return of her priceless diamond, the Western Star. Rosalind Bennett guest stars. Last in the series

Season 3 Episode 1 : The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Captain Hastings is staying with friends when wealthy heiress Mrs Inglethorp is murdered. He calls in Hercule Poirot to help him solve the baffling crime, which has the whole household under suspicion. Whodunit, starring David Suchet as the Belgian sleuth, with Hugh Fraser, Pauline Moran, Anthony Calf and Philip Jackson

Season 3 Episode 2 : How Does Your Garden Grow?
The murder of a Russian servant gives rise to rumours of a communist conspiracy. Poirot becomes the centre of attention at the Chelsea Flower Show as he views a rose named in his honour, while Hastings receives a packet of seeds that give him hay fever. Whodunit, guest starring Anne Stallybrass (Heartbeat), with David Suchet

Season 3 Episode 3 : The Million Dollar Bond Robbery
A prominent bank manager is almost killed by a hit-and-run driver just before he is due to set sail on the luxury liner Queen Mary. Convinced his life is in danger, he persuades Poirot to accompany him - and his valuable shipment of liberty bonds - to New York. But the Belgian sleuth's main concern is his own terrible sea-sickness. David Suchet stars

Season 3 Episode 4 : The Plymouth Express
The Belgian sleuth is asked to vet potential suitors vying for the hand of an Australian heiress and discreetly accompanies her on a rail journey aboard the Plymouth Express, only to find himself investigating a jewel theft. Mystery, with David Suchet and Julian Wadham

Season 3 Episode 5 : Wasp's Nest
Poirot visits a garden fete where he meets the son of an old friend and his fiancee. After having tea with the couple, the sleuth suspects that they are both in danger and Hastings' new interest in photography provides him with the clue to solve a mystery involving cyanide, failing brakes and mixed-up love lives. Guest starring Peter Capaldi (The Thick of It), with David Suchet and Hugh Fraser

Season 3 Episode 6 : The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor
The Belgian detective sets out for Norfolk when a country publican begs him to help solve a murder - but is disappointed when the innkeeper turns out to be a budding author and the killing fictional. However, he soon has food for thought when a real death occurs - committed by a seemingly ghostly hand. Geraldine Alexander and Ian McCulloch guest star, with David Suchet

Season 3 Episode 7 : The Double Clue
Beautiful Russian aristocrat Countess Vera Rossakoff, the chief suspect in a series of jewel thefts, seemingly captivates Poirot with her charm and intellect, meaning Hastings and Miss Lemon have to do most of the actual detective work and ensure she is brought to justice. Drama, guest starring Kika Markham

Season 3 Episode 8 : The Mystery of the Spanish Chest
A lavish dinner party proves to be a prelude to murder and intrigue - but fortunately Poirot is among the guests, and soon realises the key to the mystery lies in a duel fought 10 years previously. Drama, starring David Suchet, Caroline Langrishe and John McEnery

Season 3 Episode 9 : The Theft of the Royal Ruby
The Belgian detective looks forward to a quiet Christmas, but is disturbed by the Foreign Office when an Egyptian prince loses a famous ruby - after making the mistake of lending it to a mysterious woman. Guest starring Stephanie Cole, Nigel Le Vaillant and Tariq Alibai

Season 3 Episode 10 : The Affair at the Victory Ball
Invited to attend a masquerade ball dressed as someone famous, Poirot modestly goes as himself - and finds time amid the revelry to solve the murder of aristocratic fellow guest Lord Cronshaw. David Suchet stars

Season 3 Episode 11 : The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge
When Hastings and a reluctant Poirot attend a grouse shoot at a friend's estate, one of the hunting party is murdered. Despite suffering a severe cold, the Belgian sleuth is roused from his sickbed to solve the case. David Suchet stars

Season 4 Episode 1 : The ABC Murders
The dapper Belgian sleuth receives several anonymous letters outlining a killer's intention to murder a succession of people in alphabetical order, prompting him to try to unmask the culprit before the body-count mounts. Crime drama based on the Agatha Christie novel, starring David Suchet, with Pippa Guard, Donald Sumpter and Miranda Forbes

Season 4 Episode 2 : Death in the Clouds
The sleuth falls asleep during a flight from Paris to London, while a female passenger is murdered by a poisoned dart, leaving few clues to the killer's identity. Poirot soon discovers she was a money-lender, which may provide a motive for the killing. The investigation is turned on its head, however, when the victim's illegitimate daughter comes forward to claim the inheritance. Whodunit, starring David Suchet, with David Firth, Jenny Downham and John Bleasdale

Season 4 Episode 3 : One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
When the Belgian sleuth's dentist is found dead just minutes after he leaves his surgery, Chief Inspector Japp believes it to be suicide - but Poirot has reason to think otherwise and embarks on his own investigation. Drama, starring David Suchet. Last in the series

Season 5 Episode 1 : The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb
An archaeologist dies of a heart attack shortly after smashing the seal of an ancient Egyptian tomb, raising the spectre of the mummy's curse. The grieving widow summons the Belgian sleuth to unravel the mystery, but he can only smoke out the real villain by risking his own life. David Suchet stars, with Anna Cropper and Bill Bailey. Concludes on Monday

Season 5 Episode 2 : The Underdog
Wealthy industrialist Sir Reuben Astwell is murdered after making a deal to sell synthetic rubber to the Germans, leaving the dapper sleuth wondering whether the motive was commercial or political. Evidence found in his chemical factory could hold the key to the mystery - but Poirot is unsure if the victim's widow can be trusted. Starring David Suchet, with Ann Bell and Bill Wallis

Season 5 Episode 3 : Yellow Iris
A mysterious delivery causes Poirot to recall the time his supper at a Buenos Aires restaurant was rudely interrupted by the murder of a fellow diner, who unwittingly drank from a glass laced with cyanide. Drama, starring David Suchet and Preston Lockwood

Season 5 Episode 4 : The Case of the Missing Will
The sleuth sets out to solve the baffling murder of a Cambridge don who met with foul play shortly after deciding to change his will. Starring David Suchet, Beth Goddard and Mark Kingston

Season 5 Episode 5 : The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman
Captain Hastings and the Belgian supersleuth investigate a baffling gangland murder which draws them both into the underworld of London's Little Italy. Miss Lemon turns out to have a link with the victim's valet. Whodunit, starring David Suchet and Hugh Fraser

Season 5 Episode 6 : The Chocolate Box
The dapper sleuth returns to his home country of Belgium for the first time since World War One to attend a medal ceremony, only to find a murder case needs solving. Agatha Christie mystery, starring David Suchet, Anna Chancellor and David De Keyser

Season 5 Episode 7 : Dead Man's Mirror
The death of an unpopular art dealer leaves Poirot with a long list of suspects within his tangled, squabbling family - even though his eccentric wife had predicted his end. Detective drama, starring David Suchet, with Emma Fielding, Fiona Walker and Jeremy Northam

Season 5 Episode 8 : The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan
On doctor's orders, the dapper Belgian sleuth visits the south coast for what he hopes will be a relaxing holiday, but it leads to one of the most absorbing cases he has ever faced - the disappearance of a cache of jewels. Mystery, starring David Suchet, with Hermione Norris, Philip Jackson and Sorcha Cusack. Last in the series

Season 6 Episode 1 : Hercule Poirot's Christmas
The dapper Belgian detective accepts an invitation to spend yuletide at the house of an elderly millionaire who seems intent on provoking his money-grubbing sons into murdering him. At first he tries hard to ignore the strained atmosphere and relax - but soon finds himself with a gruesome mystery on his hands. Agatha Christie whodunit, starring David Suchet and Philip Jackson

Season 6 Episode 2 : Hickory Dickory Dock
When a spate of petty thefts culminates in a series of murders at a student hostel, the Belgian sleuth is called in to investigate. Mystery, starring David Suchet, with Philip Jackson, Pauline Moran, Damian Lewis and Paris Jefferson

Season 6 Episode 3 : Murder on the Links
The detective investigates when a victim of fraud is found murdered on a golf course - but his inquiries are complicated by the discovery of a tramp's mutilated body nearby. To make matters worse, beautiful singer Bella Duveen is also around, seemingly intent on helping herself to a grim souvenir. David Suchet stars, with Hugh Fraser, Bill Moody and Jacinta Mulcahy

Season 6 Episode 4 : Dumb Witness
The sleuth heads to Lake Windermere for a holiday with faithful assistant Hastings, only to find his crime-solving skills are once again needed to investigate a murder. The only witness to the crime is a dog, leaving Poirot with a difficult task to find the killer. David Suchet stars, with Kate Buffery, Patrick Ryecart and Julia St John

Season 7 Episode 1 : The Murder of Roger Ackroyd
The sleuth has retired to a charming English village in the hope of finding peace and quiet. However, the murder of a rich industrialist neighbour forces him to leave his new lifestyle behind and plunges him into a sordid world of blackmail and envy, aided by the dogged Chief Inspector Japp. Whodunit, starring David Suchet, Philip Jackson, Malcolm Terris and Oliver Ford Davies

Season 7 Episode 2 : Lord Edgware Dies
Japp and Poirot investigate the murder of an actress's estranged husband, only to find in the theatrical world, where deception and play-acting are a way of life, nothing is quite what it seems. In time-honoured fashion, it initially looks as though the butler did it - but subsequent inquiries throw up a veritable rogues' gallery of equally likely suspects. Philip Jackson, David Suchet and Hugh Fraser star

Season 8 Episode 1 : Evil Under the Sun
The detective is ordered to take a holiday for the benefit of his health and, with Hastings and Miss Lemon in tow, reluctantly heads for the tranquillity of Devon's coast, where his relaxation is soon ruined by the discovery of a socialite's murdered body on the beach. Several people had reason for wishing Arlena Stuart dead, but high on the list of suspects are her husband, teenage son and a troubled vicar. David Suchet, Hugh Fraser, Philip Jackson and Pauline Moran star

Season 8 Episode 2 : Murder in Mesopotamia
An archaeologist's wife is murdered during an excavation in the Middle East. Fortunately a vacationing Poirot - who shares with most great detectives an inability to go on holiday without stumbling over a body or two - is on hand to investigate. Mystery, starring David Suchet, with Ron Berglas, Georgina Sowerby and Iain Mitchell

Season 9 Episode 1 : Five Little Pigs
A young woman asks Poirot to investigate her father's murder - a 14-year-old crime for which her mother was found guilty and executed. The dapper detective agrees to dig up the past and apply his little grey cells to the mystery, but warns his client that he may discover things she does not want to hear. The supporting cast includes Rachael Stirling, Aidan Gillen, Aimee Mullens, Toby Stephens, Marc Warren, Gemma Jones, Patrick Malahide and Annette Badland

Season 9 Episode 2 : Sad Cypress
The detective investigates a double poisoning, aiming to prove the innocence of Elinor Carlisle, the chief suspect in the deaths of her aunt and her rival in love. However, even though she is the only person with a motive, opportunity and means to administer the poison, Poirot believes she is innocent. Crime drama, starring David Suchet, Elisabeth Dermot-Walsh, Diana Quick, Paul McGann and Rupert Penry-Jones

Season 9 Episode 3 : Death on the Nile
The dapper Belgian sleuth goes on an Egyptian cruise on board an old steamer, but when a young American heiress is murdered, his little grey cells go into overdrive. On questioning each of his fellow passengers, he realises many of them have secrets they want to remain hidden. David Suchet stars, with James Fox, Judy Parfitt, Emily Blunt, Daisy Donovan, Frances de la Tour and David Soul

Season 9 Episode 4 : The Hollow Philanderer
John Christow is shot during Lady Lucy Angkatell's weekend house party where Poirot is guest of honour. The victim's wife is found holding a smoking gun, but the case proves far from straightforward for the Belgian sleuth, who finds himself up against one of his finest adversaries. Whodunit, starring David Suchet. Last in the series

Season 10 Episode 1 : The Mystery of the Blue Train - Part One
Part one of two. The sleuth finds himself in interesting company as English socialites and American millionaires rub shoulders on board a train bound for the French Riviera. Passengers include oil magnate Rufus Van Aldin (Elliott Gould) and his daughter Ruth (Jaime Murray) - to whom he has given a magnificent ruby known as the Heart of Fire. With members of the aristocracy crammed into a confined space with their husbands, lovers and a renowned gemstone, murder cannot be far away. With Lindsay Duncan, Roger Lloyd Pack and James D'Arcy. Concludes tomorrow

Season 10 Episode 2 : Cards on the Table
Crime writer Ariadne Oliver (My Family's Zoe Wanamaker) and four known killers are among those who meet Poirot at a bridge evening arranged by wealthy adventurer Shaitana, who sits out the first game - only to be found later stabbed through the heart. As nobody has left or entered the victim's apartment during the night, the guests combine their skills to discover which of the party is responsible. Whodunit, starring David Suchet, with Lesley Manville and Alex Jennings

Season 10 Episode 3 : After the Funeral
A man is found dead shortly after disinheriting his sole heir and specifying that his legacy is to be divided equally among the remaining family members. Poirot tries to ascertain whether he met with foul play - and also finds time to investigate the murder of a beneficiary under the new terms of the will. Whodunit, starring David Suchet, with Robert Bathurst, Anna Calder-Marshall and Geraldine James

Season 10 Episode 4 : Taken at the Flood
Millionaire Gordon Cloade's wife is widowed for the second time at the tender age of 23, arousing the suspicions of his impoverished relatives. Fanning the flames of envy and hatred, psychic aunt Kathy Cloade reveals the grieving widow's first husband is in fact still alive, and a second death prompts Poirot to delve deeper into the family's dark secrets. David Suchet stars, with Jenny Agutter, Tim Piggot-Smith and Celia Imrie. Last in the series

Season 11 Episode 1 : Mrs McGinty's Dead
When a woman is found dead in her home suspicion immediately falls upon her lodger, but Superintendent Spence begins to question the man's guilt and invites Poirot to help uncover the identity of the real killer. The Belgian sleuth teams up with Ariadne Oliver as he attempts to crack the case. Agatha Christie whodunit, starring David Suchet, Zoe Wanamaker, Joe Absolom and Richard Hope

Season 11 Episode 2 : Cat Among the Pigeons
Schoolgirl Jennifer Sutcliffe becomes embroiled in a mystery when priceless jewels are hidden among her belongings. The precious stones once belonged to a prince who fell foul of a revolution, and now his cousin is a pupil at the same school as Jennifer, where Poirot finds himself drawn into the unlikely situation and realises nothing is quite what it seems. David Suchet stars as the Belgian sleuth, with Harriet Walter (Law & Order: UK) and Claire Skinner (Outnumbered)

Season 11 Episode 3 : Third Girl
A former nanny, Lavinia Seagram, is found soaked in blood and it is believed she had turned to drink and drugs to commit suicide. However, Poirot is soon on the scent of troubled heiress Norma Restarick, who had problems of her own - not least confessing to the possibility of murdering someone that very morning. Jemima Rooper and Zoe Wanamaker guest star with David Suchet

Season 11 Episode 4 : Appointment with Death
An aristocrat's wealthy, overbearing wife finances a North African archaeological dig to find the skull of John the Baptist. Poirot is in attendance, but when the woman is found stabbed to death, and only her husband, the exuberant Lord Boynton, appears distraught, the detective struggles to identify the killer among the wealth of suspects. Guest starring Tim Curry, Cheryl Campbell, John Hannah, Emma Cunniffe, Mark Gatiss, Angela Pleasence and Beth Goddard, with David Suchet in the title role. Last in the series

Season 12 Episode 1 : The Clocks
The Belgian sleuth is summoned when Colin Race is distracted from an investigation into a spy ring by the discovery of a murder victim surrounded by stopped clocks at the home of blind ex-teacher Millicent Pebmarsh. When a second death is reported, Poirot realises the man was killed elsewhere and brought to the scene, though the neighbours claim to have seen nothing. Mystery, starring David Suchet, with Anna Massey, Jaime Winstone, Lesley Sharp, Geoffrey Palmer and Tessa Peake-Jones

Season 12 Episode 2 : Three Act Tragedy
The detective's friend Sir Charles Cartwright (guest star Martin Shaw) hosts a cocktail party at his home in Cornwall, where an amiable local priest chokes to death on his drink. There seems to be no motive for murder, and no trace of poison found in the victim's glass, but weeks later, when Sir Charles's doctor friend Sir Bartholomew Strange dies in similar circumstances, he and Poirot team up to investigate. Drama, with Art Malik, Jane Asher and Anna Carteret, and David Suchet in the title role

Season 12 Episode 3 : Hallowe'en Party
A guest at a village Halloween party boasts of having witnessed a murder years previously - and later meets a grisly end in keeping with the macabre spirit of the occasion. Arriving to investigate, Poirot delves back into the annals of local life - and uncovers a series of mysterious deaths, any one of which could have a bearing on the present case

Season 12 Episode 4 : Murder on the Orient Express
An American businessman travelling on the Orient Express from Istanbul to Paris offers to pay fellow passenger Poirot $10,000 for protection as he fears his life is in danger. The sleuth refuses the deal, but wakes up the following morning to learn the man has been stabbed to death while the train was held up by heavy snow in Serbia. With a race against time to find the killer among the commuters, Poirot must look to the past to solve the crime, and is faced with a decision that will haunt him for ever. David Suchet takes the title role in the murder mystery, with guest stars Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), David Morrissey (Red Riding) and Eileen Atkins (Cranford). Last in the series