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Re: August/September BotM: Stardust

PostPosted: August 28th, 2014, 11:01 am
by laila_6045
1.I have to say Tristan, was being true to his words and promise no matter how silly it was that it took him to see Victoria again who finally told him the truth. I believe he already have feelings for Yvaine during the course of their journey going back to the Wall but he was being passive about it, which i didn't like. However, once he acknowledge his feelings for Yvaine they both choose to follow their own paths and traveled the faery world first before taking up their responsibilities. There is this self realization of what he wants to do onwards and what he will be giving up in order to pursue his dreams. Now he knew where he truly belongs and with whom he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he thinks the rest of the world can wait.

2. I feel sad for her that she can never go back home, but she found someone who will truly take care of her heart. She stayed with Tristan thru the years till his end, and she still continues to rule for she is immortal. It was a bittersweet end, that she still ends up being lonely and alone. It takes a strong character to forgive a witch who wanted you dead and tried to take your heart in the process, she never became bitter about her fate on faery land. Not even when it meant to live forever while everyone else passed on.

3.I guess that the Stormhold brothers were never meant to rule hence none of them survive in the book...but Tristan was fated to be the next ruler...see when the stars align or in this case a star fell on earth it was simply kismet! i just wish we could read more about the humorous interaction among the ghostly brothers. About the witch queen...seriously she could have been met with a more awful fate but losing the opportunity to take the heart of the star i think was punishment enough as she still suffered the grave consequences of it. And Ditchwater Sal, i really don't like her she is the most opportunistic character in this book...she didn't suffered much and she basically got away for being mean to her forced helper for years! But i think being powerless and losing some sort of control was punishment enough for them evil witches.

okay let me sleep on it the rest of the questions...coz i have to catch some wink right now coz another sleepless night for me :( my brain is slowly not functioning waaaah! Zzzzzz.....

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PostPosted: August 28th, 2014, 8:42 pm
by laila_6045
MissRed wrote:4. Were there any descriptions, characters, settings, plot threads that stood out to you personally during this second half of the book?
5. If you have seen the movie, did it bother you to see a lot of changes in the movie? Did you or did you not like the movie? Which did you prefer, movie or book?
6. If Gaiman were to return to Wall/Faerie, would you take another journey there? If so, are there any adventures hinted at in Stardust that you would like to see Neil expand on?
7. Your overall thought(s) on the book.

4. WAS HACKING THAT POOR UNICORN TO PIECES NECESSARY???!!! now that i remember it's not enough that witch queen got off easily just being back to an old hag! grrrrr!!!! Yvaine was too kind hearted. Me as the reader so bitter about this >_< on the other hand i kinda like how Septimus (was that the last stormhold brother?) was that wicked and yet honorable enough to follow an old age code of honor to avenge a brother's life. That was a really twisted concept don't you think? It is fair game to kill each other off as siblings but then you are honor bound to avenge their death if they don't die by your hands. I guess such is the ways of these Norsemen O.o

5. I have seen the movie, but i can't remember a lot of details now so reading this book was like really new to me. However, i think i remember the ghostly brothers are being more humorous onscreen and some scenes happened with them that didn't exactly happened in the book.

6. probably about the Free Ship Perdita...that is a flying ship crew adventure that is waiting to happen...sadly not much was described during that course of their journey except to indicate that Tristan spent weeks with them and he really did missed being up in the air once they got back on land. It was probably the feeling of being that vast and free that really gave him a new perception on being on an adventure.

7. it is too bad this was just a stand alone, so not many scenes were expounded...i was used to reading series that a faerie world as colorful and rich in details like this would have fare better in a series type of books. i would have also appreciated that character development bet. Tristan and Yvaine. I was just "kilig" that one instance they have their first kiss after that they were like like - now they are off to an adventure of their own! It took some getting use to Gaiman's flowery whimsical prose. Over all I still end up liking this book, but i have a feeling this is not his best work yet.

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PostPosted: August 29th, 2014, 3:08 pm
by ima_vee
MissRed wrote:Hello RPers!

Here are the discussion questions. These are not my original but I have asked permission na magamit natin.

These questions are for chapters 1 to 5 lang. Baka may gusto pang humabol.

1. We have spent a little time with Tristran and even less time with the star. What are your initial thoughts/impressions of our two protagonists?

2. There are some very interesting potential villains introduced in this first half of the book. Do any of them particularly stand out to you? If so why or why not?

3. In Chapter Three, just after the section with the brothers in Stormhold, Neil Gaiman gives us a description of Faerie that includes “each land that has been forced off the map by explorers and the brave going out and proving it wasn’t there…”. What imaginary lands do you then hope are a part of Faerie?

4. We do not get to spend a great deal of time in the market but while there we are given a number of interesting descriptions of the wares being bartered or sold. Which if any of them caught your eye, either as items you would like to possess or ones you would most certainly hope to avoid.

5. Perhaps Neil Gaiman is influenced by a number of fairy and folk tales in Stardust. Are there any elements of the story that made a particular impression and/or reminded you of other fairy stories you have read or are familiar with?

6 And finally, which of the many side characters introduce have caught your eye and why? Or what else about the story thus far is of interest to you?

---Wooow. ang layo na pala nang napag-usapan niyo.. buti nakahabol pa ako.

1. MY INITIAL THOUGHTS : I think Tristan is naive and foolish for immediately believing Victoria to her silly challenge. I find it cute, still. Ha-ha. He is true to his word a man of firm decision. Yvainne... hmm.. we'll aside from being sparkly, she surely knows how to surprise readers. I still can't believe that the first word she ever said when she fell the "F" word.

2. VILLAIN - Septimus stood out at first. Killing your own brother is bad ass so I really thought he'd be the supervillain.

3. I was really imagining NARNIA mixed with middles-earth while reading Gaiman's description of Faerie.

4. Instruments of music from a hundred lands definitely caught my attention in the market. I wonder what it looks like.

5. Oh! I remember Jack and the Beanstalk when the witch captured the boy and his goat.

6. I love the little hairy man. He reminded me of Doraemon because of his magical baggages. Haha.. He sounds so cute and funny too...

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PostPosted: August 31st, 2014, 9:31 pm
by MissRed
1. The second part Tristran has "grown up". He made good decisions and I think he was more cosiderate (for the lack of a better term).
2. I liked Yvaine. We know at first she hates Tristran and I like how it progressed to liking him much more falling in love with Tristran.
3. I think that the brothers should never rule. They just don't fit to rule at all. But I like them as ghosts. :D
For witch queen, I would prefer her to see how she would suffer. She has to suffer a whole lot. The same thing with Sal. Sal was heartless.
4. The scene at the Inn when the witch tricked Yvaine and where Tristran saw Yvaine again.
5. I saw the film a long time ago and it is just now that I read the book so I wasn't bothered while I was reading. I did, however, re-watched the film after I read and yes, there are a whole lot of differences but I was okay with it. It was not such a big deal for me. I enjoyed both the film and book. No choosing here.
6. Yes, i would like to read much more particularly Yvaine and Tristran's adventures and of course more PERDITA!
7. My first Gaiman and I enjoyed it a lot! i love the story and its progression. And I fell in love with Gaiman's writing, which I think is fantastic.

Thank you guys! It was wonderful reading with you. 'til the next read-a-long :)