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Importance of Financial Literacy

PostPosted: March 4th, 2015, 12:18 pm
by shielamariefm
Law of Leverage is a book published in 2005 by the Levier Publishing House. It aims to give a solution to every Filipino’s financial problem including ignorance of the stock market, low savings rate, and mishandling of money. Rane A. Panaligan, the author, paved the way for these problems to be solved by writing the book and making it a system of its own. As a system, Law of Leverage does not only educate people through the book but also through seminars, events, and workshops that will give further education to the readers. Law of Leverage’s vision is to establish a community of like-minded individuals who continuously learn by experience and application of the principles in the book. This book deals with wealth and life-building principles that will lead you to a better projection of goals. For a holistic experience, the book is designed to improve a person’s mentality, character, relationships, and spirituality. Law of Leverage is published to change more lives towards financial and time freedom.

We would like to know if your group have any upcoming event or activity that we can be partners with our plan of promoting the importance of financial education. If you feel that the proposal suits you then please consider the opportunity and feel free to contact me.

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