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March 7 is World Read Aloud Day (NBDB, Litworld)

PostPosted: March 5th, 2012, 4:56 pm
by admin
NBDB, LitWorld Present World Read Aloud Day

The National Book Development Board (NBDB) is partnering with LitWorld, a Global Literacy Organization based in New York City, to present World Read Aloud Day.

LitWorld has designated March 7, 2012 the official World Read Aloud Day to encourage participants to participate in a global movement to advocate for every child’s right to literacy, safe education, and access to books and technology.

The official World Read Aloud Day event in the Philippines will take place at the National Library in Manila.

LitWorld is a non-profit organization led by founder and executive director Pam Allyn. Its mission is to cultivate literacy leaders worldwide through transformational literacy experiences that build connection, understanding, resilience and strength. It provides access to books, school supplies and technology to effect educational impact for all children, and advocates for global literacy as the core ingredient for long-term health, work, and life outcomes. LitWorld creates educational programs that can be shared across the world, including girls clubs initiatives, family literacy projects, and teacher training for literacy.

This year, LitWorld sent a LitCorps Ambassador overseas for the first time. Ruby Veridiano, a Filipina-American, has chosen to do focused literacy work for the youth of the Philippines, setting up the LitWorld’s LitClubs program for Filipino students, which aim to empower young people through reading and writing.

Verdiano will be at the National Library on March 7 to help host an international Read Aloud via Skype video-conference. Students in the Philippines will get a chance to use technology to connect with students from other countries.

Everyone – whether teacher, student, blogger, or simply an avid reader – one can join in on this day by hosting a World Read Aloud Day event, or by taking the time to read aloud to a classroom or a single person.

Participants are also encouraged to use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to show their support, and linking their posts to LitWorld’s social media accounts and website, and to ask themselves and others the question: What would you miss most if you could not read or write?

LitWorld plans to recruit World Read Aloud Day ambassadors and participants from different parts of the world. Prospective ambassadors are encouraged to visit the LitWorld website to view ideas on how to host a World Read Aloud Day event. For more information, see the World Read Aloud Day blog here: Social networking links with which to connect include and ... m-launched