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STEPHANIE PERKINS Book Signing Event-Cebu July 5, 2014

PostPosted: July 7th, 2014, 6:22 pm
by laila_6045
Hello my fellow RPersss!!!
Okay I have been quite busy these past few days and all because of the recent book signing event hosted by NBS. Again I was fortunate enough to be able to attend and meet the awesome author of Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. I think I have read these books sometime last year or in 2012 I couldn't remember anymore! But when I've heard that Stephanie Perkins will be coming to the Philippines back in April, me and my fellow bookworms here in Cebu were ecstatic!

Here is the flyer that NBS has been circulating to the public for the said event :)
SP flyer.jpg

And now in meeting THE Stephanie Perkins herself! she is so charming and adorable you guys!!! so approachable and i mean she really is one of the most accommodating author i've met in person next to Mitch Albom :)
with SP.JPG

And another mega bonus is her own Cricket Bell her hubby Jarrod Perkins who was there with her...and he was mobbed later on during the book signing part when first a few of my fellow OTSP (On The Same Page-Cebu) approached him to give him our gift and then to sign their books in the dedication page...soon the rest caught up and boom he end up having his own signing table and he was having a blast! He once stood up and bellow to his wife that he is also having his own signing table and to take a photo of him ha! The wifey couldn't be more proud of him *grins*. These two are just soooo adorable and if only i could tell you how their love story started. Stephanie did share that Jarrod flew across the ocean to meet her for the first time and take her to a dance (if i remember correctly) and the rest was history! like OMGEEEE!!! We all melted in our seats in puddle :))

Anyways, so here is my photo with him :)
with JP.JPG

I would like to make a special mention to this pretty girl Danii who I just recently befriended thru our OTSP group, she cosplayed as Lola Nolan and she rocks the get up guys! So here is my photo with her!
with lola nolan.JPG

So I was there like around 8.30am at Starbucks inside the SM Cebu mall and waited till 10am for the mall to open coz the registration line is inside the mall and not outside the mall hence we can't camp out like they do in Manila. As soon as the door opened my fellow younger bookworms dashed to the line like their life depended on however took my time coz i was laughing at them wishing i was able to take a vid of them. I still managed to get to the line early coz it wasn't that far from the entrance to the NBS outlet. I still got priority #29. Not bad huh?

All in all it was a great and fun experience. I am happy that many of the readers here and there that i know of have read her books and even posted their reviews in their blogs and some here. Kudos to you guys! Okay that's all I can eek out as of this moment. I have to work on my July YA Challenge next while my brain is still functioning.