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Story of Han Solo - prequel to Star Wars A New Hope

PostPosted: July 27th, 2011, 1:44 am
by Memnoch26
The story of Han Solo is written in a trilogy.

Paradise snare
Hutt Gambitt
Rebel dawn

This set is a very good prequel to star wars episode 4 (A NEW HOPE).

Who is Han Solo? How did he become a smuggler? How did he end up with Chewbacca. How did han came to understand the wookie language very well?

Where did the Millenium Falcon come from and how did It end up with Han?

The series also showed Lando and how he became friends with Han. Jabba the Hutt was also introduced. I never thought that Jabba knew Han before episode 4 movie.

The series ended with han and chewie meeting the old obi wan kenobi and luke skywalker hiring him for a ride with the falcon (Star wars episode 4).

Its a good read for Star wars fans.