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The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

PostPosted: July 2nd, 2013, 11:28 am
by laila_6045
The Fault in Our Stars is the fourth solo novel by author John Green, published in January 2012. The story is narrated by a sixteen-year-old cancer patient named Hazel, who is forced by her parents to attend a support group, where she subsequently meets and falls in love with the seventeen-year-old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee.

On his Tumblr blog and his YouTube blog, Green stated that "the title is inspired by a famous line from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar (Act 1, scene 2). The nobleman Cassius says to Brutus, 'The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.'"

This is the official thread for this book for the July YA Challenge.
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Re: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

PostPosted: July 25th, 2013, 1:39 pm
by arjaye
You dont get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers.' -AUGUSTUS WATERS

We always say and believe that the youth is the hope of our nation. With all their freshness, vitality and energy in life, we always put the good future before them. That is to say, they are physically and emotionally and mentally healthy. But what if they were diagnosed with some incurable diseases, will he or she just be another living thing whose passing this world without any purpose or leaving it without any legacy in his or her name? I admired both Hazel Grace and Augustus for having the courage to accept life as it is given to them. And making the most out of it. They showed bravery in dealing with their sickness. The importance of having their family, and supporting each other no matter what happens. The value of friendships and most importantly the experience of love. At the most, when they passed on, they did nothing extraordinary for the world, but to each other, they gave everything, they touched their hearts.

Re: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

PostPosted: July 29th, 2013, 7:10 pm
by imavee
I've only finished reading The Fault in our Stars last night after a week of reading it by chapters and the concept of the story (Cancer patients who fall in love and families and love ones who are going to be left behind) reminded me of Nicholas Sparks' A Walk to Remember and Lurlene Mcdaniel's Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever. Yes, the ending is quite tragic but we can't blame John Green since it's quite obvious how the story would end. It would either Hazel dies or Augustus. For me, I never thought it was going to be Augustus. He just seemed to be the most healthy guy among all the sick young kids mentioned in the story. I pictured him as Tony Stark with an iron leg. Funny and strong with incredible thoughts and quotes that make sense. I personally like the line he said in the first day he was with Hazel.
"It's a metaphor, see. You put the killing thing between your teeth without giving it the power to kill you."

I have to admit that the story really touched my heart and it may sound really cheesy but I was all tears last night. I have to lock my doors so my brother could not just barge in and see me crying. John Green exposed something really awesome about people with illnesses like Hazel and Augustus. These kids inspires us to be strong and the metaphor Augustus kept on saying only proves that no one or nothing can hurt us without our consent. The pain of their illnesses didn't keep them from enjoying the time left in their lives. They laugh, they play, they fall in love and even make their eulogies in advance. It was silly(all the advance eulogy making) but I find it really courageous. Only few people are tough enough to accept their fate and and even prepare eulogies.

In general, The Fault of the Stars is a 5 star for me. It's a wonderful story for teens and families plus it teaches a lot of lessons, some in funny ways and most in dramatic ways.

Oopps.. it's getting longer na pala. Anyways, I'll be posting a review of it in my blog naman. Thanks for sharing this novel RP. Another add-on to my top favorites.

Re: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

PostPosted: April 10th, 2014, 12:06 am
by MissRed
Oh dear! Such a lovely book!