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gnokee's books for trade or sale

PostPosted: July 9th, 2012, 12:10 am
by gnokee

The Wolves In The Walls by Neil Gaiman - 500
The Sandman: King of Dreams by Alisa Kwitney - 500
Yossel by Joe Kubert - 500
The Arrival by Shaun Tan - 800
Marvel 1602 - Neil Gaiman - 1200
Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan - 600
The Death of Captain America by Ed Brubaker - 800


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies - 400
JLA World Without Grownups Vol.1 by Todd De Zago - 200
Justice League International Vol.1 by Keith Giffen - 1000
Daredevil (3 books) The Devil Inside and Out Vol.1 and 2, Hell To Pay Vol.1 by Ed Brubaker - 1400


The Dilbert Principle HC by Scott Adams isbn 0-88730-787-6 - 300
Porno TPB by Irvine Welsh isbn 0-099-42246-8 - 350
Clash of Kings TPB by George R.R. Martin 978-0-553-57990-1 - 250 (good as new, bought in fully booked)

I am selling these not for profit. Just had to let go for funding my toy collecting.
I am trading these to lessen the print materials in the room. It takes up more space than my toys.
More books to come!

For those who want to trade, just trade something of the same value as my books.
My wishlist are:
Scott Pilgrim collection
Hunger Games collection
Chuck Palahniuks
Haruki Murakamis
Preston & Child's Pendergast Series
As for coffeetable books, anything about rock music or art.

contact me at 09178934336 for faster transaction
Meet ups at Megamall only on weekdays.